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The Zero Suicide Collaborative

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Learning Session 4. 1st December 2015. Bristol

This was our first one day learning event – and we were delighted to welcome new as well as familiar faces. Many thanks to all for your contributions, experience and enthusiasm – especially those who had struggled to get to Bristol through dreadful traffic.

Dr Adrian James - Chair of the Collaborative,

Welcomed everyone and introduced the aims for the day.
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Collaborative news:

Sue Wood reported on work that Alan and she have been doing to make short films of the work of the Collaborative. So far we have focussed on people in Cornwall and Devon – we would now love people in the north of the region to get in touch if they would like to be filmed talking about their project.

We all had a chance to look at the first film: the work of the Zero Suicide Collaborative. We would like to encourage people to use this film to help spread the word about the work of the Collaborative.

Celia Moore - The Postcard Project:

Celia Moore from AWP gave a fascinating presentation on the project to keep in touch with people who had attended A&E following self harm. Learning from work done in Australia, this project demonstrates clear benefits from a relatively simple intervention. We were delighted to hear that this project is now being rolled out to other areas in the region.
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Making Connections:

This was a valuable opportunity for people to make connections with others and to find out about projects particular aspects of work from across the region. Groups included people working in inpatient health settings, in community projects, public health initiatives, as well as those bereaved by suicide, and Samaritans from across the region.
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Local Network Meetings:

reviewing what’s going well in each area, what we’re learning, and what we’re going to do next.
We tried out our new “thinking it through” question sheets, which, in the spirit of ‘learning from our experience’ will now be amended in the light of that exercise!
If you want a copy of the work done by your group, please get in touch and we’ll send it to you.
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Ellen Wilkinson and Mary Ryan - All our actions play a part…

Ellen Wilkinson and Mary Ryan did an excellent impromptu double act to help us understand “Driver diagrams”. All the small streams coming together to feed into the river…
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Once again thanks to all who came and contributed, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Exeter on February.
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