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The Zero Suicide Collaborative

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Learning Session 3. 23rd-24th July 2015. Exeter Racecourse

Our third learning event not only highlighted the fantastic work that has already been achieved in such a short time, but also gave us ideas and inspiration to bring improvement to our own areas.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended and who gave of their energy, time and commitment! See information and presentations below.

Don and Lynne Hart - Dave, Our Story

Since the death of their son in November 2011, Don and Lynne have done whatever they can to try to ensure that what happened to them happens to no other family. In particular they have spoken out about the challenges of confidentiality – highlighting guidance that recommends that practitioners should do what they can to share information if this will help to protect a child or young person from harm.
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Don and Lynn Hart - Papyrus, Prevention of Young Suicide

Papyrus exists “to give young people hope and to prevent young suicide”. Don and Lynne talked to us of their work offering training to professionals, campaigning to influence national policy, as well as providing confidential support and advice to young people or to anyone worried about a young person. Lynne also highlighted the value of ASIST training, and encouraged everyone to promote this valuable learning opportunity.
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Sara Roberts - A Public Health Perspective

Sara gave us an extremely helpful overview of the role of Public Health in helping to promote and support community wide interventions, and the importance of using a systematic approach based on what works. She shared her enthusiasm for the additional benefits that the Zero Suicide Collaborative can bring to this work.
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Devon Letter of Hope

We were privileged to hear from the group of people who had worked together on this extraordinary project - to jointly use their own experience to reach out to others who may themselves be in the depths of despair or depression. Their completed letter was powerful and uplifting – and we joined with them in hoping that it would soon be widely available.
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Samaritans - Step by Step

Colleagues from the Samaritans joined us to tell us about a number of ways in which they work with schools to support young people. In 2014 they worked with over 500 schools, offering training and support, not only working to prevent suicide, but also to offer help after a young person has taken their life. Many of us had not been aware of this work, and were keen to find out more about how this could happen in our area.
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Ellen Wilkinson

Dr Ellen Wilkinson led a workshop focusing on ways in which the stigma around mental ill health and suicide still lingers, in ways that can undermine our attempts to enable people to talk about their feelings and thoughts. There are many ways in which we can all work to reduce this stigma, and people raised many excellent ideas for things that we can do to help change this culture.
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