It was great to welcome so many new as well as familiar faces to our Bristol Learning Event on 1st December!

To read more about what we got up to in Bristol, and to see the presentations – click here

South West Zero Suicide Collaborative

Have you seen the video we’ve made about the work of the Collaborative?

Why not invite others to watch it too?

We’re looking forward to our next event in Exeter on 24th/25th Feb

In February our focus will be:


  • How can we make sure we’re using our energies as well as we can?
  • What needs to happen to enable us to do more?

Every project has the potential to save lives, and we want to celebrate the wide range of projects happening across the region.

Can YOU bring a small poster, or a short write up telling us about your project, to put up on the News Board?

Creating sustainable changes across the South West is going to depend on creative, energetic and determined local networks…….

There are many things that will help our networks to flourish so that more projects can be supported.

We need YOUR help.

Can you help build your local network?
Could you…

  • Develop publicity and get people involved?
  • Find venues for people to meet?
  • Send out invitations?
  • Facilitate group meetings?
  • Help people to think about what works best?
  • Link ideas to national priorities?
  • Source funds to support the work?

News about the Devon Letter of Hope:

We were delighted to hear that the inspirational letter written by people with lived experience in Devon, is now being made available more widely.

Have a look at the Recovery Devon website to find out more:

Click here for a copy of the letter in the form of a 3-fold leaflet… one of the possible ways in which it might be distributed

They would really welcome your feedback

News from Torbay & South Devon

Spotlight on Suicide – SoS

The newsletter from Torbay & South Devon

Gerry Cadogan has just posted the third SoS newsletter. It’s worth reading!
Jonny Benjamin, whose life was saved by a member of the public one evening on a bridge, gave a talk in Exeter recently….
His story was told in a Channel 4 documentary “The stranger on the bridge” You can see it here:

Local newsletters do a great job in getting the word out about local initiatives

Does your local area have a newsletter?
Could you help put one together?

Did you see?

The U Can Cope film and online resources were designed for people in distress and those trying to support them, to instil hope, promote appropriate self-help and inform people regarding useful strategies and how they can access help and support. They have been endorsed by the International Association of Suicide Prevention.

This time of year can be hard sometimes….

Samaritans are there every day

If there's something troubling you, then get in touch.

  • 116 123 (UK)
They’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you need a response immediately, it's best to call them on the phone. This number is FREE to call.

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