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The Zero Suicide Collaborative

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What happens?

There will be some presentations to everyone together, as well as opportunities to work in small groups – sometimes with people from your local area, sometimes with people from across the area interested in particular topics.

By hearing about projects going on in other areas we hope that people will be inspired to take ideas and adapt them to their own locality.

We want to make sure that we use our energies where they are really going to make a difference, so we encourage everyone to think about how they will know whether their project is making a difference. If possible to try out ideas & start small before they roll out a change more widely.

How long do they last?

Usually two days – but sometimes just a day.
Where do they happen?

Usually in Bristol or Exeter (we try to alternate between the North and South of the region to try to spread the travelling for people).
I’ve not been to one before – can I come, or will I have missed too much?

You will be very welcome even if you have never been before. We are all learning together.
Do I have to come to every one?

It can be really helpful to come to each event, so that you can build on the work done before – but it’s not essential.
What’s happened at previous events?

To view information on the Launch event
click here

To view information on the first Learning event in Exeter
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Follow the drop down menu above to find films and presentations from Learning event two onwards.
How much does it cost?

There is no charge to attend.
I want to come because I know what it feels like to want to end my life. I’m on a very low income - is there any help with my costs?

Yes, we have some funds set aside for exactly this. Please contact us to find out more.
I have been bereaved by suicide – I’d like to come, is there any help with my costs?

Yes, we have some funds set aside for exactly this. Please contact us to find out more.
Talking about these issues may be very difficult for me – is there any support available?

We are very aware of how hard it can be to think about these issues – and we try hard to ensure that we all support each other. We always make sure that there is a ‘quiet room’ for people to go to, where there are books & other resources, and we try always to offer support if anyone seems distressed. We have put together a poster that outlines our working principles;
How can I book onto an event?