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The Zero Suicide Collaborative

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Learning Session 20/21 February 2017. Tiverton

We were delighted to welcome over 80 people from across the South West to our learning event in Tiverton

Day 1


Sue Wood and Corinne Thomas,

introduced the day with some background of the development of the Collaborative, our hopes for the future and aims for these two days
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National Developments and Public Health

Martin White - Health and Wellbeing Manager, Public Health England South West,

explained the role of Public Health and pointed us towards key resources and data, to help us ensure that we are focusing our efforts in the most effective way. See links included in the presentation.
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Safer Prescribing and GP Training

Dr Becki Osborne - Kernow CCG Primary Care Lead for Suicide Prevention,

updated us on the Safer Prescribing project, and talked about her involvement in developing training for GPs
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Giving the good story and promoting positive messages

Lorna Fraser - Samaritans Media Advisor,

explained the range of ways in which Samaritans work alongside the media to ensure safer reporting, as well as accurate and constructive portrayal in TV & radio drama. We are waiting for a shareable presentation from Lorna Fraser; The presentation used at the Learning Event contained information that is not suitable for public viewing. This information will be removed and added to the site when available.
Local groups thought about & shared ideas on how they might promote positive stories with local media
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Open Space

People joined different groups:
  • Learning how to put local news up on the website
  • Sharing ideas on how to challenge austerity
  • Thinking about ways to raise money for projects
  • Hearing about a training initiative in Cornwall

Lifting the Blues: Helping the helpers (and destigmatising mental health) through music.

Dave Jones and Dr Fiona Cranfield

We were really delighted to hear about this inspirational initiative in Gloucestershire, using music events to help support the helpers. This was followed by an absolute treat listening to Patsy Gamble and John Broomhall at a Lifting the Blues Café. Check out their websites.
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The video's have been removed from this presentation due to the size of the files and the loading times. I have asked Dave Jones for a link so you can view them.

Day 2

Dr Adrian James,

introduced the day with his perspective on local and national developments, including the work of the Health Select Committee.
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Papyrus - Prevention of Young Suicide

Ged Flynn - CEO Papyrus & member of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Group,

gave an inspirational presentation on the national scandal that is the loss of young lives through suicide, and encouraged us to continue to fight for better services and support for young people.
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Step by Step: Postvention Support in Education and Youth Settings

Rod Crook - Samaritans Postvention Advisor

talked about the increasingly wide range of support now offered by Samaritans, and encouraged us to spread the word about what is on offer to schools and other groups.
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Supporting the LGBT Community

Salena Williams - Senior Nurse, Liaison Psychiatry Bristol

described her hopes for a project to support the particular needs of people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans-sexual communities, and the early work to ensure the project is co-produced.
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Keeping our Projects on Track

Trish Woodhead - Associate Director or Patient Safety - West of England AHSN

very helpfully reminded us of what can help to ‘Keep our Projects on Track’ – making sure we all use our energies in the most effective and helpful ways.
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Groups, Partnership and Networks

Sue Wood and Trish Woodhead

Using the extremely helpful ‘Local Suicide Prevention Planning – Practice Resource’ recently published by Public Health England, we encouraged area groups to reflect on next steps as they develop whole community approaches in their locality.
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Once again thanks to all who came and contributed, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on 23 June in Cheltenham. Communication Affects Lives - 2gether, SOBS and Zero Suicide Collaborative Conference.